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Andree s., MD

In January 2017, I went to the ER in Kaiser Permanente. I received treatment for asthma and chest X-ray. Left the facility with prescribed medicine and been told that I have something on the right side of the lung.

I went home, the same day at night I returned to the ER hospital with shortness of breath. Received aggressive treatments. Stay in the hospital for eight hours. I went out, called a pulmonologist. Did a CT scan. It showed something in the right upper lung. I went to PET scan, it showed activity on the right upper lung. I went to biopsy, diagnosed with adenocarcinoma of the right upper lung.

I went to surgery, I have a lobectomy. In Nov. 2018, went for the CT scan, and then PET scan. The left lung has another mass. Dec. 6, I am going for a biopsy. Hoping for the best.

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