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Minnesota Leadership Academy Collaborative grows into the Lung Mind Alliance

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There are many ways to support this work as a partner organization or as an individual. Organizations do not need to have tobacco-free grounds policies to join, but all members share a commitment to integrating tobacco treatment and creating tobacco-free environments in all Minnesota mental health and substance use treatment settings

Sign the Collaborative Statement

The Lung Mind Alliance Statement demonstrates our members' commitment to advancing statewide tobacco-free treatment environments. Signing on to the letter is a powerful way to show your organization's support for this work.

Join an Action Team

Three action teams—the Professional Education Team, Reimbursement Team, and Statewide Policy Partners Team ─ carry out the work of the Lung Mind Alliance. By joining a team, you can be a part of creating a healthier Minnesota for people with mental illness and substance use disorders.

Connect with the Lung Mind Alliance
You can contact Reba at 701-354-9719 or [email protected].

Be an Ambassador

You can help us grow this movement by sharing information about the Lung Mind Alliance and tobacco-free treatment environments with other organizations. We have tools to help you get started, and are here to support you in these important conversations.

Educate Your Organization

We have a number of resources available to help educate your organization's staff about the importance of tobacco treatment and tobacco-free mental health and substance use treatment settings. If your organization isn't ready to become a member yet, this is a great way you can support this work as an individual.

Integrate Tobacco Treatment & Go Tobacco-Free

If your organization would like to integrate tobacco treatment into your services or consider adopting a tobacco-free grounds policy, we can support you in that process. Staff from partner organizations that have gone tobacco-free have created a comprehensive Tips from the Field implementation guide, and are happy to talk with you about how their organizations successfully integrated tobacco treatment services and adopted tobacco-free grounds policies.

Stay Connected

Through our monthly newsletter, you'll get updates on the work of our 3 Action Teams, read stories about organizations that have implemented tobacco-free grounds policies or have integrated tobacco treatment as one of their services, and learn about upcoming training opportunities.

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Page last updated: October 2, 2023

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