Iowa Radon Poster Contest

The Iowa Poster Contest is held each year to spread awareness of the dangerous gas radon. The Iowa Radon Poster Contest is sponsored by the American Lung Association in Iowa, American Lung Association and the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH), in partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 7 and the Iowa Radon Coalition.

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Thank you to all the students and teachers who participated in the 2022 Iowa Radon Poster Contest. The winning posters can be seen below. We look forward to seeing your creations again next year.

2022 Contest Winners

Poster with house illustration that reads "radon is hazardous, don't just hope for the best, take the test." 1st Place: Hazardous Radon by Ellie D. (Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School)
Poster of an illustration of a grim reaper with radon sign for a face standing in front of a neighborhood. It reads "don't let a killer inside your home, test for radon now." 2nd Place: Radon Can Kill by Laura W. (Ames Middle School)
Wanted poster depicting radon with an evil face. 3rd Place: Radon Is Wanted by CJ V. (Clear Lake Middle School)
Poster with an illustration of two people sitting on a couch wearing masks. It reads "it might be there, even if you can't see it. Test your home for radon." 4th Place: It Might Be There by Ella G. (Ames Middle School)
Poster depicting a house with high and low radon levels. It reads "test your home for radon." 5th Place: High Radon VS Low Radon by Sungwoo C. (Fellows Elementary)

2021 Contest Winners

Radon is Deadly by Jacob H. (Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School) 1st Place: Radon is Deadly by Jacob H. (Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School)
Radon Causes Lung Cancer by Maxwell H. (Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School) 2nd Place: Radon Causes Lung Cancer by Maxwell H. (Eleanor Roosevelt Middle School)
Radon 3rd place Poster 3rd Place: Check For Radon ASAP! by Sarah Y. (Ames Middle School)
Radon 4th Place Poster 4th place: What is Radon? By Brooklyn B. (Lewis Central Middle School)
Radon 5th Place Poster 5th place: Test your home for Radon by Jocelyn H. (Sumner-Fredericksburg Middle School)

Most Entries Winner: Sumner-Fredericksburg Middle School

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