The American Lung Association’s Colorado specific ONE Step training provides Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and organizations serving low-income parents with training and resources on asthma management and secondhand smoke (SHS) exposure reduction. Using health-focused messaging about removing asthma triggers and environmental tobacco (including e-cigarette) smoke from their homes, this program will equip ECEs with the knowledge and confidence to connect with parents about the dangers of SHS and how protecting their child’s health can begin with one simple step: stepping outside away from doors and windows to use tobacco products.

ONE Step training is available virtually in English and Spanish; and is free.

  • Schedule a free live-virtual training by emailing [email protected]. Until further notice, these trainings will be held via video conferencing platform.
  • To take the on-demand training in Spanish, click HERE. Complete the simple registration form and then begin your training. Program-specific resources are available once in the webcast.

ONE Step training educates Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and organizations serving low-income parents about the harms and common misconceptions of environmental aerosols from electronic smoking devices, tobacco smoke, and marijuana smoke, and the basics of asthma management, asthma triggers and ways to reduce asthma triggers.

Participants also learn effective ways to communicate with parents in a non-threatening, health-focused approaches and about simple ways to protect the health of their children from secondhand smoke in organization and home settings.

 The benefits of this training include:

  • Gaining the knowledge and tools to talk with parents about the effects of secondhand smoke, secondhand e-cigarette aerosol, and secondhand marijuana smoke
  • Understanding the importance of maintaining a home free of tobacco and marijuana smoke, and aerosol from electronic smoking devices (ESDs)
  • Encouraging “no smoking/no vaping” approach and practices in air shared by children and adults
  • Learning about cessation resources available to Coloradans


Valerie Steinmetz, Specialist | Health Promotions
[email protected]

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