Smoke and Tobacco Free Events for Alaskans

Smoke and tobacco free events provide a safe and healthy way for people to enjoy activities in their community. Not only have dozens of events in Alaska opted to go smoke and tobacco free, but organizations across the country are creating these types of policies for their events as well.

Why Smoke and Tobacco Free Events?

By hosting smoke and tobacco free events, your organizations can help:

  • Protect community participants as well as event staff, volunteers, and contractors from the harmful effects of secondhand smoke
  • Provide a healthy environment and good role modeling for youth 
  • Create a more accessible environment for all including those who are pregnant, elderly, have lung diseases or have cancer
  • Support those who are trying to quit or have already quit tobacco
  • Reduce the toll of tobacco use and secondhand smoke on Alaskans

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Page last updated: November 21, 2022

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