Monica B

Monica B., AL

It all started when I visited the doctor due to a persistent sore throat and a slight discomfort in the upper part of my chest, just above my heart. Since I regularly go to the gym, it might be related to lifting weights.

The doctor examined me and suggested that it could be muscle pain. However, two weeks later, I began experiencing congestion, and although the pain had subsided, I still felt uncomfortable. I started drinking ginger tea infused with fenugreek seeds, lemon, garlic, and honey. I soon began coughing up phlegm. Concerned, my husband insisted I see another doctor, who diagnosed me with pneumonia.

After six weeks of treatment and numerous rounds of antibiotics, I am slowly recovering from this illness. I'm sharing my experience to caution people against underestimating respiratory ailments. Lung issues can be deceptively silent but potentially severe. I made the mistake of ceasing exercise and reducing my food intake, thinking I'd recover quickly, but that wasn't the case. Neglecting these illnesses can weaken the body's ability to heal, so giving them proper attention is crucial.

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