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Laonis Q., MI

My story is my son's Anthony J Chapman story! He was diagnosed with severe uncontrolled asthma at the age of 2. Tony was brave, and courageous throughout his journey. We went to the same allergy & asthma clinic for his entire journey. There were many office visits, hospitalizations, and too many missed school days. Tony never complained about any of it, he would always say "Mommy I'm okay".

One day after a well visit when Tony was 18 years old, we were told, they could no longer take care of Tony, because he was no longer covered by his dad's health care insurance. Long story short, we were forced to go to a free clinic. The free clinic was not able to accommodate all of Tony's needs. The emergency room became his doctor's office. So many more asthma attacks, and so many disappointments.

Tony passed away at the age of 23 from a fatal asthma attack. Breathe Anthony J Chapman Asthma Foundation was established in 2019 to honor Tony and serve our underserved community that suffers from asthma. Our mission is "WE FIGHT BACK AGAINST ASTHMA" We believe no one should die from asthma.

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