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Joann L., NY

I have both asthma and COPD. I worked as a nurse and a few other her job types, my own business. I was injured and before I knew it, my lungs were progressing into a deseae that would put me on a full disability. My parents were heavy smokers. Everywhere I went, even to my doctor who also smoked right in his office. As an adult  I started smoking. I ended up in the hospital afew times with asthma attacks and even a collapse in one lung I suffered purple lungs. Now at 69, I have not smoked for five years but I do have COPD. I am on oxygen and use a wheelchair due to breathing difficulties.

My problem is getting proper equipment, medical care, ramps and assistance. I have a very low income, SS. I was approved for home services but no one will help because it does not pay enough. So I sit here with very little ways to help myself and if the power goes out or we have a emergency, I am stuck in a life threatening situation. I will not go into a nursing home or assisted facility and be under the controls of another person.. I live in my sons home and he does what he can for me. Between my disability and low income, I have suffered discrimination from the whole system from government, healthcare and society. 

First Published: January 28, 2022

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