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Javier S., CA

On April 24, 2020 I was at a middle school, using the school's field to walk laps and exercise. After the workout, I began experiencing multiple asthma symptoms, such as chest tightness, airway constriction, dry mouth and pain. I could not breathe properly and I felt like someone was choking me. I was on the ground gasping for air. I thought I was going to die that night. My lungs were in severe pain. My head was hurting so I kept my eyes closed.

Luckily a friend was with me and found water. The water did hydrate my mouth, lungs and esophagus. About a week after, I started experiencing the same symptoms. I've been fighting asthma my entire life. I remember when I was about 8 years old, my mom would provide me with the nebulizer vapor mask along with the inhaler. I began to sweat nonstop and my breathing was too harsh. Asthma is not friendly and can kill a person quickly. Every day I wake up thinking about my asthma. This is not my first asthma attack, this is my seventh time going through an asthma attack. 

First Published: June 5, 2020

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