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Jade G., WI

Hello everyone, my name is Jade Gaertner, I'm a healthy 30 years old woman who is affected by poor air quality; from both indoor and outdoor reasons. I've had asthma since High School, never knew why or how. It wasn't really affecting me until the last year. I've been a smoker since around 16, not really a heavy smoker, about half a pack a day and that's only been for about past six years. I was in school sports and have always been in par physical shape.

This past year has really challenged me, but opened my eyes up to reality and what's important in life. I will admit I took alot for granted being healthy and physically fit. Recently I decided that I didn't want to smoke anymore, because of the severity it is to breathe even when I'm not smoking cigarettes. I of course know the health effects that smoking cigarettes puts on me, which only part of the reason I'm quitting.

I need to quit not only because of that but because of all the pollution in the air in which we breathe. I've done what I can to increase the pollution inside my house with air purifiers and get the best air filter for the furnace and listen to all the tips the American Lung Association and Filtrate Filters has helped me with and I'm truly blessed for your support.

When I can't even walk up a flight of stairs because it's so hard to breathe, and I have to walk on eggshells with every move I make so my breathing doesn't get worse, that extremely worries me at only age of 30. I would never put this on anyone and I would recommend for every smoker to seek help and quit because of how horrible it is for you, and I know I'm not a good story teller but I hope I inspired some. We all deserve to live and breathe the good air God gave us. You're not in this alone. 💚

First Published: May 6, 2021

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