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Dolorees D., GA

Hello, my name is Dee. I have permanent blood clots in both my lungs. There is only one cure for my disease and I am not a candidate for the surgery. I have what is called CTEPH, which stands for chronic thromboembolic embolism pulmonary hypertension. In 2013 I became very short of breath and could not walk from my living room to my bathroom without stopping and gasping for air. I went to my primary doctor and she referred me to a cardiologist, who said nothing wrong with my heart so he referred me to a pulmonologist. He told me nothing wrong with my lungs and referred me back to the cardiologist.

Long story short, I still could not get my breath so I went to see a cardiologist in Atlanta who sent me straight to the hospital where I was treated and diagnosed with CTEPH. I now have a wonderful critical care pulmonologist who got me on the right medication and I am doing fine.
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