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Cynthia W., CO

I was diagnosed in 2010 with COPD. In the past twelve years the air quality around me has impacted the progression of my situation incredibly often. I live in the beautiful state of Colorado on the front range. In the winter time you can see the brown fog  settled over the foothills of Denver where I reside. In the summer time the air quality is so bad that I don’t get to walk outside because of it. I must go inside to a gym to save what I have left of my lungs. 

I no longer get to go into the mountains and do all of the wonderful things Colorado had to offer. My greatest concern is for those who are still riding their bikes, jogging, hiking who don’t understand what the air pollution is actually doing to their lung health. 

COPD has stripped me from who I was to have to start a life all over. I just hate to sit by and see this happen to others because they just don’t understand how debilitating this is when new air quality standards can be put into place to help stop lung disease.   

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