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Vaccination is Best COVID Protection: Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. Vaccines are safe, effective, widely available and free! As a founding partner of the White House Vaccination Task Force, the American Lung Association is urging all Americans who can get vaccinated do it without delay. You can also help! Become an American Lung Association Vaccine Ambassador and share our PSA,  Better For It toolkit or our vaccine information page with anyone you know who is undecided.

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SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS ACA - Big Win for Patients with Lung Disease: On June 17, the Supreme Court released its opinion on California v. Texas, the case challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), dismissing the case. As a result the ACA remains the law of the land. This is great news because the ACA provides quality and affordable healthcare to millions of individuals in the U.S. and gives critical protections to all individuals, particularly those with pre-existing conditions including lung disease. The Lung Association is proud to have been part of an amicus brief that helped make this victory possible! You can read more about this victory in our statements with fellow amicus brief filers and with other patient groups

Laura Dern Shares about Wildfires: Wildfires, including grassland fires and forest fires, are becoming more frequent and severe as a result of climate change. Actress and advisor to the American Lung Association Board of Directors Laura Dern shares her personal perspective on why protecting lung health during wildfire season is so critical. Learn how you can Stand Up For Clean Air at You can learn more about wildfire preparation at

Check Out our Latest Lungcast™: Lungcast is a pulmonary podcast series by the American Lung Association and HCPLive. Check out our latest episode What We Know about Health Effects of E-Cigarettes with Dr. Kevin Walton of the National Institutes of Health


Get Out and Help the Lung Association! Thank you to all who participated in and supported our spring and early summer stair climbs and LUNG FORCE events! Looking for more opportunities to support the Lung Association’s lifesaving Mission? In August, we kick off our LUNG FORCE Walk and Run/Walk season that runs through the fall! With COVID-19 and other risks to our lung health, you support is more important than ever! Find an event near you and register today.


LUNG FORCE Hero: Karen M shares how her lung cancer caregiver journey began in our new blog “A Life Interrupted: A Lung Cancer Caregiver’s Story.” 



Upcoming Asthma Patient Webcast - August 11, 3 p.m. ET: Managing your asthma can be a challenge. Knowing your options and getting the support you need to achieve that goal may include others that contribute to your care. Join us for our upcoming webcast on August 11, from 3-4 pm ET “Shared Decision Making - Partner with your health care team, make your voice heard.” This webcast features clinical expert speakers and subject matter experts, who will provide information on resources available to support your goals. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions about this topic with our speakers. Register here or visit Join our Better Breathers Network to find additional information and resources about asthma and other chronic lung diseases. Visit

Second Round of COVID Research: We have begun to review an impressive second round of COVID-related research proposals. We want to thank everyone who has donated to the Lung Association and helped make it possible for us to fund such promising research. Learn more about our COVID-19 research and all  the research that your support makes possible

ACRC Asthma and Obesity Publication: In the May 2021 issue of Obesity Science and Practice, investigators of our Airways Clinical Research Centers (ACRC) published results of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded clinical trial, Asthma BMI Baseline Study (ABBS). It aims to evaluate asthma symptoms and the impact on quality of life for people who have poorly controlled asthma with an elevated body mass index (BMI). Key takeaways from ABBS, taking place at 13 sites, include:

  • Poorly controlled asthma and obesity often affect minority populations.
  • Associated impairments in physical health frequently lead to decreased physical activity and increased weight gain.
  • Interventions targeted at poorly controlled asthma associated with obesity are needed.

According to investigator Anne Dixon, M.D., “There is currently a major epidemic of obesity contributing to severe asthma – Black women are particularly affected by this combination -- and typical asthma treatments don’t work as well for people with obesity.” To learn more about ABBS and our other trials, visit:


SAVE THE DATE: American Lung Association Plans Day of Action on July 22:  In order to make our voices heard and push for Congress to take up the investments we know will lead us to a healthier future, the Lung Association will hold a day of action on Thursday, July 22. This will be a day for us to all take time to call our members of Congress and share key lung health priorities as they consider how best to move forward and invest in our nation. Mark your calendars and visit for more, and in the meantime, use our action alert to send a quick email to Congress asking that whatever legislation comes forward over the next few months prioritizes investments in lung health.

Virtual Event on Advancing Equity and Public Health in Infrastructure Investments: On June 22 the Lung Association co-hosted a virtual event titled “Prioritizing Frontline Communities in Infrastructure Investments” with American University’s Center for Environmental Policy and Center for Environmental Filmmaking. This was the first event in a webinar series focused on this topic. The event highlighted the ways that the Biden Administration and Congress can make sure that frontline communities most impacted by major pollution sources, such as transportation, ports, and oil and gas development, benefit equitably from the American Jobs Plan and other federal investments. 

The Deputy Assistant Secretary for Climate Policy from the Department of Transportation kicked off the call with opening remarks, and Paul Billings, our National Senior Vice President Public Policy, moderated a panel of speakers representing the public health community, the policy community, and environmental justice perspectives. The event was recorded and open to the public. Stay tuned for details on the next event in the series, titled “Building a Resilient Future: Ensuring Infrastructure that will Withstand Climate-Fueled Extreme Weather,” likely happening in October.   


Lung Disease and LGBTQ+ Communities: Members of the LGBTQ+ community have faced a history of oppression and discrimination that directly translates to disproportionate health risks. Read More.

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In the past year alone, the need for expert, science-based answers to lung health questions was never greater. The American Lung Association, as the trusted champion of lung health, has continued to provide that in supporting our constituents. Check out this quick look at the past year and hear from celebrities, experts and everyday people that the Lung Association has had the answers to your questions, because When You Can’t Breathe, Nothing Else Matters®

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