Lung Association Praises New ‘EV Charging Action Plan’ to Expand Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

The Administration’s plan to build EV charging stations is an important step forward toward achieving clean, healthy transportation options for all communities

In response to the Biden Administration’s announcement of their “EV Charging Action Plan,” American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold P. Wimmer issued the following statement:

“Climate change is a health emergency, and it is harming the health of Americans today. Transitioning to zero-emission, electric vehicles is a critical part of the solution needed to avoid the worst climate impacts and reduce air pollution at the same time.

“The country is ready for this transition. Electric vehicles are popular: 70% of American voters support the federal government advancing policies to encourage a nationwide transition to electric vehicles. Furthermore, our 2020 ‘Road to Clean Air’ report found that transitioning to electric vehicles will result in $72 billion in health benefits and $113 in climate benefits by 2050.

“In order for this transition to work, America needs the infrastructure to support it, and we applaud the Administration for releasing this plan to expand electric vehicle charging stations across the country. We also praise the Administration’s plans to prioritize underserved communities – including communities of color and rural communities – in this plan. Everyone deserves access to clean, healthy air.

“To ensure even greater access to electric vehicles, we encourage Congress to pass the Build Back Better Act. The bill will provide additional, much-needed funding to help realize an equitable, pollution-free transportation sector. We will work with the Administration to help implement this plan, and make sure that public health is a key priority in the conversation around this critical transition.”

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