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Breathing is essential to life, and through this blog, we hope to illustrate the importance of lung health. Hear directly from experts, researchers, staff and volunteers about our ongoing fight for healthy lungs and healthy air.

Combating Coughs, Cold and Other Childhood Respiratory Illnesses

Respiratory illness is common in children—here’s what you need to know about keeping your child healthy. Read More

“State of Tobacco Control” 2020

As the American Lung Association works to create a tobacco-free future, we have both reason to celebrate progress and much work yet to do. Tobacco use continues to take a terrible toll on our families, killing more than 480,000 Americans a year. Read More

The American Lung Association, Tobacco Cessation and the Surgeon General’s Report

Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable disease and death in the United States, and quitting is the single best thing tobacco users can do to improve their health. Read More

Treating Severe Asthma: It's Personal

With asthma you may feel like control is out of reach. It can be frustrating to suffer from asthma symptoms such as chest tightness, shortness of breath, coughing and wheezing. Read More

Pneumonia and Asthma... Why Should I Worry?

Management of your asthma may vary slightly from another person depending on the type of asthma you have. Read More

Uncontrolled Asthma vs. Severe Asthma: How to Get the Right Diagnosis

Frequent asthma flare-ups can be difficult to manage, but they also can be a sign that something else is wrong. Read More

Getting Up Close and Personal with Radon

After listing our home for sale, we received an offer, contingent upon a radon test and a mitigation system, if the level tested too high. I thought nothing of it since I had tested my home three years prior. Read More

How the Air in Your Home, Work and School May Be Harming You

Many people don't think about possible air pollution indoors, but there are many invisible toxins that may be hurting your lungs. We are offering some tips and tricks to keep your indoor air fresh and clean. Read More

Saving Lungs from Wildfire Pollution, One Air Purifier at a Time

The Lung Association and Dyson teamed up to deliver 200 air purifiers to schools in California to help students get back to the classroom without the fear of breathing in toxic air from wildfires. Read More

A Look Back at the Year of Air Pollution & Health

When you think of air pollution, what's the first thing that comes to mind? Is it health? In January, the American Lung Association launched the "Year of Air Pollution & Health." Read More

Better Breather Club | Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital
Nassawadox, VA | Mar 26, 2020
Better Breather Club | Riverside Tappahannock Hospital
Tappahannock, VA | Mar 26, 2020