Breathing comes naturally. We breathe in and out 20,000 times a day, and for many of us - often without noticing it. Yet, each and every breath is essential. To better understand and appreciate the critical importance of lung health in our daily lives, we wanted to start conversations around lung health. This led us to create the EACH Breath blog. Now, a hundred posts later, we are celebrating the blog's first birthday!

We've put together a few highlights from the past year, taking a look at some of the most popular posts and a few hidden gems you might've missed. Enjoy!

Most popular: What caught your eye


  • Beards and Lung Health: We've heard plenty of arguments for and against the benefits (or harms) of facial hair. From the urban lumberjack trend to Movember, we weighed in.
  • Popcorn Lung: A Dangerous Risk of Flavored E-Cigarettes:What's that smell? Well, the FDA was wondering the same thing. As an unregulated tobacco product, no one has been quite sure what is in each e-cigarette, but we do know its contents are deeply concerning for lung health.
  • Weather and Lung Health: Whether the dog days of summer or the December 2016 cold snap, what does extreme weather do to your lung health? I mean, can a scarf really protect against wind chills of negative 30 degrees? Our experts weigh in.
  • 5 Tips to get through the Oscars without Smoking: Quitting smoking is hard, but we know you can do it! Whether you're watching the Oscars, gearing up for the Super Bowl or are on pins and needles for this season's Bachelor ("the most dramatic season yet!"), turn to these tips to stay smokefree.
  • How Wildfires Affect Our Health: From Alaska and California to North Carolina and Georgia, wildfires are a growing concern not only for the safety of residents but for the air quality of those living even hundreds of miles away. To protect ourselves from this growing threat, exacerbated by drought and climate change, what can we do?
  • Mishka, the Little Sea Otter with an Inhaler: No explanation needed on why this is among our most popular posts. Just look at that little guy!

Hidden gems: In case you missed it in your news feed


  • Deadly December Smog to Remember—and Prevent: Have you caught the Netflix show "The Crown"? Our experts weigh in on the "The Great Smog" episode—covering a historic air pollution event in London which caused 12,000 deaths and widespread illness. Is our world at risk for similar events today?
  • Space Travel Obstacles: Have you signed up for the Mars mission? As Elon Musk makes his move toward Mars, it's important to be aware of how space travel might affect lung health. Sound risky? We may also want to take better care of our own air and beautiful planet.
  • How we conquered consumption: A post that celebrates how citizens took a stand against tuberculosis – the most feared disease of the time. We're highlighting this hidden gem as TB is once again making headlines, and the Lung Association is responding by funding research for multi-drug resistant TB.
  • Breathing Basics for Runners: Training for a half marathon or 5k? You'll want some advice on how to avoid side stitches and maximize your performance through rhythmic breathing.
  • On Opening Day 2016: No More Chew in Baseball Stadiums: The Cubs broke the curse and they're also breaking the habit.
  • An Asthma Attack… at 140 MPH: A reminder to not wait till you're on the go, or at high speeds, before you get an asthma action plan in place.

What's your favorite blog post? Share your favorite blog posts in the comments section below and let us know what you'd like to see us write about in 2017!

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | May 29, 2024
Freedom From Smoking Clinic
Detroit, MI | May 29, 2024