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Dianna L., IN

This is about my severe asthma and moderate COPD. Next month I will have my annual breathing test and let the pulmonologist tell me what stage I am in. I haven't smoked cigarettes in 10 years! 

I had a bad flare in December of 2019 due to  secondhand smoke. The neighbor in my apartment community and all the neighbors that smoke seem to not care. When I went to the hospital in January of 2020 they kept me overnite to monitor me. When I came back home i tolI the apartmentmanager what had happened was due to secondhand smoke, she put notices up telling people to not smoke on stairs or entryways.

It worked for awhile but they are back to smoking in entryways where I go to collect my mail. This is a small 16 units section 8/hud. The manager smokes too. I am unable to move from here because on disability due to my COPD and I just want to live awhile longer without inhaling secondhand smoke from cigarretes and or any other kind of vapes.  

Last March I was Stage 2. I just don't want to be around smoke or any chemicals. I take my asthma inhaler two times a day and my copd inhaler two puffs once a day, I have a rescue inhaler and nebulizer and the next phase will be oxygen. Wishing this was a smokefree community. No smoking anywhere would be a good start to better air quality.

First Published: June 16, 2021