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A H., WA

I have bronchiectasis, with frequent flareups requiring antibiotics. I also have asthma that gets set off when I am sick and when I am around chemicals, campfires and wildfire smoke. The wildfire smoke has had a huge impact on my life to the point where I am considering moving.

When the air is at the unhealthy level for those with underlying lung issues, I can't go outside.  I live in an older home and outside air still gets in the house, even with the windows closed.  It comes down the chimney and through my fireplace; even though the vent is closed, it's not possible to close it all the way because it's a gas fireplace.  Smoke even comes through the can lights throughout my home.  I had horrible headaches and breathing issues.  I couldn't walk my young dog because I couldn't be outside.  To be isolated again after working from home through COVID was very disturbing.  I worry about my health and the future of the planet for the next generations.