Understanding Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is a complex disease to treat and understand. What many people don't know is that lung cancer causes more deaths than the next three most common cancers combined (colon, breast and prostate). Understanding the basics of lung cancer is an important step in preventing lung cancer deaths. Knowing the facts makes managing your health and talking with your doctor much easier.

Knowing the Basics

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When a person has lung cancer, they have abnormal cells that cluster together to form a tumor. Unlike normal cells, cancer cells grow without order or control and destroy the healthy lung tissue around them. » More



Many people with lung cancer don’t experience symptoms until the disease is in its later stages. There are very few nerve endings in the lungs, which means a tumor could be present without causing pain or discomfort. When symptoms are present, they are different in each person. » More

Protecting Your Lungs

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There are steps you can take to prevent lung cancer. Limiting exposure to smoke, radon, hazardous chemicals and air pollution will help protect your lungs. The best thing you can do right now is stop smoking or never start. » More



Early detection of lung cancer can increase survival rates. Call the Lung Helpline at 1-800-LUNGUSA or talk to your doctor about lung cancer screening.