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MHE Program

Is Your Home Healthy?

The Master Home Environmentalist © program at the American Lung Association® in Washington can help you find out - if you live in the city of Seattle you can ask for a trained Master Home Environmentalist© volunteer to do a free home assessment, or you can become a Master Home Environmentalist© volunteer yourself by participating in our 35 hour training and donating 35 hours of outreach in your community.

If you prefer to conduct a home assessment yourself without a volunteer, you can use our abbreviated Do it yourself HEAL form which will guide you through the process of making your home a healthier place to live. In return, we ask that you fill out a short confidential questionnaire that will help us track the program's effectiveness.

The Master Home Environmentalist© program has evolved over the last 13 years thanks to the hard work of our volunteers, staff, planning team, trainers, and funders. With their generous support we are able to hold volunteer trainings every spring and fall.

We have more than 50 active volunteers who conduct home assessments and other outreach activities.  Our volunteers are involved in every aspect of the program from design and delivery to evaluation. Our trainers are exceptional in their knowledge, enthusiasm, and commitment to our mission. The majority of our trainers have a science or health related background and work for agencies, such as, the EPA, Seattle & King County Public Health, University of Washington, Toxic-Free Future, Solid Ground and other community groups and businesses.

Our goal is to promote lung health by increasing awareness of home environmental pollutants and encouraging action to reduce exposure in 10,000 homes.

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We have a common vision of the home as a safe, healthy environment for all.


To promote health by reducing pollutants in the home through volunteer-based education and action.

Values and Principles:

A healthy home environment improves the quality of resident's lives, particularly children and individuals with asthma.

Residents have the right to know of hazards in their home.

A personalized approach is effective in motivating people to improve their home environment.

Residents, through their own actions, can make changes in their home to prevent illness.


Our funders' support helps pay staff salaries and enables the MHE trainings and home assessments (HEAL's) to be offered at no cost to the community:

  • City of Seattle
  • Nation wide sale of the MHE program model to American Lung Association® affiliates

Create Your Own MHE Program:

The MHE is a unique program that was developed in 1992 to promote human health by increasing awareness of home environmental pollutants and to encourage actions to reduce exposure. Program results indicate an 87% improvement with individual behaviors. The results of one study were published in Environmental Health Perspectives, Journal of the National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences (October 1997).

Master Home Environmentalist © Best Practices Training

Learn how to build an army of knowledgeable people who go into their own communities and find and fix things that may be making people sick in their own homes. Or teach your patients/clients to look for things that may be affecting their ability to breathe!

Topics include Second Hand Smoke; Moisture and Biological Contaminants (mold); Asthma and Allergies; Communication and Behavior Change; Natural Lawn and Garden Care; Lead; Toxicology; Indoor Air Quality and Ventilation; Household Chemicals; Cultural Diversity and Tenants Rights.

For more information please contact American Lung Association® of Washington at (206) 441-5100 or contact us.

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