Healthy Air at School

To grow into healthy adults, our children need to breathe healthy air.  With healthy air at school, they can learn and play safely.   You have the power to identify and solve unhealthy air issues that threaten kids in your own community's schools.

Fixing the Problems

Most unhealthy indoor air problems are simple and inexpensive to fix.  We can help you with tips for simple solutions and links to professional assistance to handle more difficult problems. 

How to Keep Air at School Healthy

Want to get involved in protecting the air quality in your child’s school? We can show you how to make the air healthier where your children learn and play. » More

How to Know if There's a Problem

Are you concerned about the quality of air in your local school? Learn the signs and symptoms that can indicate unhealthy air. Learn how to identify problems and solutions and find out what to do if an indoor air emergency occurs. » More