Although cigarette use has decreased, many of us are still exposed to it, as well as the health harms of hookah, cigars and other tobacco products. Secondhand smoke is a serious health risk, and tobacco remains the #1 cause of preventable death in the US. A tobacco-free campus is healthier for all of us—students, faculty and staff. It can even give tobacco users the motivation they need to quit for good.


It's not just cigarettes anymore. New tobacco products are introduced all the time—and many of them are specifically designed to get around traditional No Smoking policies. That's why tobacco companies surround young adults at concerts and clubs, in all the places we gather to eat, drink and hang out.


The easier a rule is to understand, the easier it is to follow. Adopting a zero tolerance policy lets people know that tobacco has no place in our academic community. And that makes implementation and enforcement easier, too. Because everyone deserves a safe and healthy campus where everyone can live, learn and work tobacco-free.

Contact Spark:
Nicholas Surita
Coordinator, Tobacco Control & Lung Health
[email protected] | (262) 703-4836


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Page last updated: June 25, 2024

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