Research Collaboration Between Patient and Physician

When I was first diagnosed from my pulmonologist that I had COPD, he put me in touch with Dr. C. in regards to a clinical trial from the American Lung Association.

And we really thought that he would be a good candidate.

I learned a lot through my pulmonologist and the team on how to manage my COPD. If I wouldn't have been in the clinical trial I never would have had the CAT Scans and MRIs and all that one-on-one with the clinicians that worked with me for the year that I was in this trial. It was invaluable!

We were looking for members to join our COPD Patient Advisory Group. He can provide perspective as a research participant as well as a COPD patient so that we can do research that is patient-centered and also conduct a study that is meaningful for the patient.

What they do for me is not the key it's what they can do for other people down the road. The things that they give back to people like me... It's priceless.

Research that is patient focused means making sure that outcomes from a study work for patients. After participating in a COPD clinical trial, Mike became a member of the American Lung Association’s Patient Advisory Group to help researchers like Dr. Sumino develop patient-focused studies.

Page last updated: February 24, 2020

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