Kristina Crothers, M.D.

Kristina Crothers, M.D.

University of Washington

Research Project:
Improving How We Implement Lung Cancer Screening in Diverse Patient Populations

Research Topic:

  • screening

Research Disease:

  • lung cancer

The National Lung Screening Trial demonstrated that lung cancer screening with chest computed tomography (CT) decreases lung cancer death in high-risk smokers. Implementing this screening is challenging, particularly in groups that were under-represented in prior trials, such as low-income and minority populations. The burden of smoking and lung cancer are disproportionately high in these groups, but rates of use and acceptance of lung cancer screening may be low. We will study the best ways to communicate with patients about the benefits and risks of lung cancer screening as well as, how to best educate patients on lung cancer screening results and subsequent follow-up.

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