Zhaoxia (Julia) Qu, PhD

Institution: University of Southern California

Project: Turning Myeloid Immune Cells from Pro-Tumor to Anti-Tumor in Lung Cancer

Grant(s): Lung Cancer Discovery Award

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one personnel left the lab last year, and another personnel left the lab this year. Both personnel had been working in the lab for years. I am actively recruiting for the research project. Hopefully, new personnel will join us soon. Despite the difficulty, we still have made significant progress on research and worked on data analysis, writing, publishing, presentations without problem. We had five publications and submitted more than ten grant applications in 2021-2022. Two R01 grants were funded recently.

Update: We have developed a novel clinically feasible strategy to improve chemoimmunotherapy for lung cancer and the new combination therapy led to complete remission of lung tumors in most animals and substantial tumor reduction in the rest animals in a mouse model of primary lung cancer and significantly promoted survival in mouse models of metastatic lung cancer. These preclinical studies formed a firm base for future human clinical trials on this novel therapy. We will continue our efforts on establishing more effective lung cancer therapies and elucidating their working mechanism and identifying prognosis and therapy response biomarkers proposed in the research project.

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