Tung Chan, PhD

Thomas Jefferson University
Protecting Lungs by Stimulating Molecule Important to Cell Survival

Lung cell injury and death often leads to irreversible airway remodeling and contributes to the progression of various lung diseases. A molecule known as Akt is essential for cell survival. We have previously found a way of stimulating Akt to render lung cells resistant to death and more capable of repairing themselves if injured. We will now attempt to develop novel drugs that will stimulate Akt's activity in lung cells for their use in treating patients with acute lung injury, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and fibrotic lung disease. It is possible that these drugs could be used shortly after an event such as acute lung injury, as a way to limit the damage that occurs to the lung cells and may also be able to stop or repair chronic lung degeneration.

Tung Chan, PhD
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