Stephen Reeves, M.D., Ph.D.

Stephen Reeves, M.D., Ph.D.

Institution: Seattle Children's Hospital

Project: How Airways of Children With Asthma Are Damaged

Grant(s): Senior-Research-Training-Fellowship

Research has indicated that decreased lung function caused by childhood asthma does not improve as a child ages, despite appropriate treatment with medications. Current leading theories of mechanisms underlying the decline in lung function involve the concept of airway remodeling - this proposes that the airways of asthmatic children are altered over time as part of the disease state. Using state-of-the-art molecular techniques Dr. Reeves and his team will examine the way fibroblasts, cells known to promote airway remodeling, lead to irreversible lung damage in asthmatic children.

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
Toms River, NJ | Dec 07, 2020