Megumi Shigematsu, PhD

Megumi Shigematsu, PhD

Thomas Jefferson University

Research Project:
Hidden short RNAs as novel inflammatory mediators in asthma

Grant Awarded:

  • Catalyst Award

Research Topic:

  • gene expression transcription

Research Disease:

  • asthma

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease affecting over 300 million people worldwide. Patients with asthma often exhibit severe exacerbations, with some cases fatal or near fatal. Despite several decades of research, there is still a need for more effective asthma medications. Thus, studies of key pathological players at molecular levels are yet required. Although airway remodeling such as thickening of airway walls are a common manifestation, it is not clear how it is initially triggered upon allergen exposure. We discovered novel small RNA molecules which are highly upregulated in asthma and are involved in airway remodeling, which could be the critical trigger to remodeling. Our research will further explore this potential mechanism at the molecular level, which will lead to next-generation therapies that inhibit airway remodeling in early asthma. 

Page last updated: December 7, 2022

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