Kristin Griffiths, Ph.D.

Kristin Griffiths, Ph.D.

Institution: Washington University in St. Louis

Project: Stopping Latent Tuberculosis (TB) From Turning into Active Disease

Grant(s): Senior-Research-Training-Fellowship

Most people infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) develop asymptomatic latent (hidden) TB, which cannot be transmitted, but is associated with a 10 percent lifetime risk of developing active transmissible disease. The immune protein interleukin (IL)-17, induced by vaccination, drives formation of protective structures within the lung, which contribute to protection against TB disease in mice. In this proposal, we will investigate the role of IL-17 during latency, and determine whether vaccine-induced IL-17 during this stage of disease could prevent the development of active TB. Such an approach could reduce transmission of Mtb and help to reduce the global TB burden.

, | Jun 24, 2021