Krishna Reddy, M.D.

Krishna Reddy, M.D.

Institution: Massachusetts General Hospital

Project: Projecting the Impact of E-Cigarette Policies

Grant(s): Innovation Award

There is major concern around youth e-cigarette use (vaping). Meanwhile, randomized trials have shown that e-cigarette use could promote abstinence from tobacco among adult tobacco smokers. The net public health impact of e-cigarettes will depend on 1) how much e-cigarettes promote youth non-smokers to develop nicotine dependence and transition to tobacco; 2) how much e-cigarettes help adult tobacco smokers to quit tobacco; and 3) how much e-cigarettes themselves confer health risks. Key policy decisions, with long-term implications, are being made now with limited data. Using a novel simulation model of tobacco and nicotine use, we will project the impact of various e-cigarette policies on e-cigarette use, tobacco smoking, and downstream health effects among U.S. youth and adults. The findings will provide clinicians and public health officials with data to inform policy decisions around e-cigarettes. 

Freedom From Smoking Clinic
, | Oct 25, 2021
Lung Mind Alliance Convening
, | Dec 08, 2021