Jintao Xu, Ph.D.

Jintao Xu, Ph.D.

Institution: University of Michigan

Project: Developing Immune-Based Treatments and Vaccines for Pulmonary Fungal Diseases

Grant(s): Catalyst Award

People with fungal infections in the lungs often develop life-threatening diseases despite the availability of current treatments. There is an urgent need for novel therapeutics like immunotherapies and vaccines to treat these diseases. For these purposes, dendritic cells represent one of the most important cell types to exploit since they uniquely shape anti-fungal immunity. However, dendritic cells in the lungs are diverse, and there is a division of labor in their functions. Our understanding of these subsets in lung fungal infections is extremely limited. To fill these gaps, we will combine cutting-edge flow cytometry and single-cell technologies to uncover the specific function of each subset and their pathways in mediating lung anti-fungal immune responses. Our findings can be helpful in developing novel immune-based therapies and vaccines for patients affected by pulmonary fungal diseases.

Asthma Educator Institute
, | Jul 11, 2022
FFS Clinic - St. Johnsbury, VT
St. Johnsbury, VT | Aug 02, 2022