Georgiana Bostean, Ph.D.

Georgiana Bostean, Ph.D.

Institution: Chapman University

Project: Leveraging policy and retail environments to reduce adolescent vaping and smoking of tobacco and cannabis products

Grant(s): Public Policy Research Award

Despite continued declines in California’s youth cigarette smoking rate, adolescent vaping (use of electronic smoking devices for nicotine, cannabis, or both) is on the rise. Concurrently, new specialty retailers (vape shops and cannabis dispensaries) have emerged, and their impact on youth use is not well understood. There is an urgent need to understand the factors contributing to the increasing use of tobacco and cannabis products among youths so that we can  achieve California’s goal of reducing youth tobacco use prevalence to 8% by the end of 2020. Our study will be among the first comprehensive statewide studies to examine how tobacco and cannabis control policies and retail environments (tobacco retailers, vape shops, cannabis dispensaries) affect adolescent smoking and vaping—crucial information for policymakers aiming to curb the youth vaping epidemic.

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