David Fedele, Ph.D.

University of Florida
Helping Overweight or Obese Children With Asthma Improve Their Health

Overweight or obese (OV/OB) children with asthma experience serious health difficulties. Weight loss may improve health outcomes in these children, but there are no weight loss interventions specifically targeted for their needs. We have developed the Childhood Health and Asthma Management Program (CHAMP), a combined asthma and weight management intervention for these children and their parents. Child-parent pairs will be randomly assigned to either CHAMP or general health education. Those in the CHAMP group will learn asthma management strategies and behavioral weight management skills tailored for OV/OB children with asthma. We will compare changes in lung functioning, weight, quality of life, nutrition, and physical activity between the two groups.

David Fedele, Ph.D.
Better Breathers Club | St Agnes Hospital
Baltimore, MD | Jan 01, 0001
Better Breathers Club | Collingswood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center
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