Christoph Grundner, Ph.D.

Seattle Children's Hospital

Developing a Unique Dual-Action Compound to Treat Drug-Resistant TB

Christoph Grundner, Ph.D.

Tuberculosis (TB) control is threatened by the continued emergence of drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) strains such as multidrug-resistant TB and extensively drug-resistant TB. There are two especially promising strategies to limit the emergence of drug resistance. One is the targeting of dormant Mtb that becomes tolerant to TB drugs, meaning they become resistant to killing. The second is host-directed therapy, which involves manipulating the body's response to TB bacteria rather than targeting the bacteria themselves. We have identified a compound that kills Mtb through both approaches. We will test the effectiveness of this dually active compound in the mouse model of tuberculosis. Our hope is that this compound will impede the emergence of drug resistance.

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