Aparna Sundaram, MD

Aparna Sundaram, MD

University of California, San Francisco

Research Project:
Studying Protein That Causes Airway Constriction in Asthma

Grant Awarded:

  • Innovation Award

Research Topic:

  • basic biologic mechanisms

Research Disease:

  • asthma

One of the key features of asthma is exaggerated airway narrowing by hyperconstricting airway smooth muscle. Our group has shown that individual smooth muscle cells depend on tethering proteins at the cell surface to transmit force to the surrounding airway, causing it to constrict. We will study how smooth muscle cells use a tethering protein called cadherin-11 to regulate force transmission between individual cells, and explore how the allergic environment influences the function of this protein. Our ultimate goal is to develop novel therapies that disrupt force transmission in airway smooth muscle in chronic airway diseases such as asthma.

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