Andrea Frump, Ph.D.

Indiana University

Role of Protective Factor in Right Heart Failure

Andrea Frump, Ph.D.

Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a disease characterized by narrowing of the blood vessels of the lung; leading to high blood pressure in the lungs, right heart failure and death. Survival is determined by right heart function. Patients with poor right heart function are more likely to succumb to disease and patients with preserved right heart function are more likely to survive. Our study addresses how the protective factor apelin regulates the right heart, and whether apelin-mediated signaling could be developed as a new therapy. Specifically, we want to identify how apelin regulates cells in the heart and if inhibiting apelin worsens heart function. Once we complete our studies, we will have identified what changes as the heart fails and established new ways apelin stops right heart failure. Our studies will lead to the development of new therapies for PH patients.

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