Tell Policymakers: It's Time to Act on Climate

Right now, climate change is putting Americans’ lung health and lives at risk. 

Bold action is needed to address climate change by cleaning up major sources of carbon pollution and other greenhouse gases, including power plants and cars, trucks and other mobile sources.

Join the American Lung Association and tell President Biden that it is #TimeToAct on climate.

Dear President Biden:

It’s #TimeToAct on climate. 

The science is clear: communities across the nation are experiencing the health impacts of climate change. Climate change worsens ozone and particulate air pollution, which is linked to asthma attacks, cardiovascular disease,  and premature death.

Children, seniors, low-income communities, communities of color, and people with chronic disease disproportionately bear these impacts.

We urge you to take bold action to address climate change, including:

  • Equitably reduce emissions from power plants
  • Transition to clean, non-combustion renewable energy
  • Support the transition to electric vehicles 
  • Clean up methane from the oil and gas industry
  • Invest in climate and health preparedness and mitigation
  • Fully implement, enforce, and preserve the Clean Air Act


[Your Name]

(ie: Lung health is important to me, so I can enjoy kayaking.)

Page last updated: July 28, 2021

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