Tell President-Elect Biden What Lung Health Means to You

Help Ensure That Lung Health Is a Top Priority for the Next Presidential Administration.

Help us ensure that President-Elect Biden prioritizes lung health from his very first day in office. Sign the petition below and describe in one word what lung health means to you.  

We will share your thoughts with President-Elect Biden on day one and ask that he make our lungs a top priority by: 

  • Ending the COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Investing in lung disease research and programs 
  • Championing clean air and a safe climate 
  • Guaranteeing access to quality and affordable healthcare 
  • Eliminating all flavored tobacco products  

Dear President-Elect Biden:  

The mission of the American Lung Association and the community we represent is to save lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease. The undersigned individuals ask you to join us in this mission upon assuming office.  

Lung health means a myriad of things to our community, each as important as the other. To some it may mean being able to spend more time with grandchildren, while to others it could mean being able to afford to go to the doctor. It could mean breathing in deeply without the fear of dangerous pollutants seeping into the lungs or celebrating another year without smoking.  

The factors that motivate us may be different, but our vision is unified. We envision a world without lung disease. To achieve this, we strive to invest in lung disease research and programs, eliminate tobacco use, champion clean air, reduce the health impacts of climate change and ensure access to quality and affordable healthcare for all.  

Further, we strive to bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken the lives of over a quarter million in the United States and has left thousands of others struggling to breathe. The pandemic has brought even greater focus to the need to properly fund our public health system and has laid bare the devastating impacts of systemic racism on this nation’s health.  

Together, we believe that we can build ourselves back from the grips of this pandemic stronger than before. We are committed to achieving this goal, and we hope you will join us in improving and protecting the lung health of this nation.  


[Your Name]

(e.g., Lung health is important to me, so I can enjoy kayaking.)

Page last updated: December 11, 2020

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