A widespread transition to zero-emission cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles powered by non-combustion, renewable electricity would yield tremendous public health and climate benefits. Join us in calling on the Biden Administration to make these benefits a reality.

Dear President Biden: 

Accelerating the transition to zero-emission cars, trucks and buses powered by non-combustion, renewable electricity is critical to protecting lung health, reducing disparities, cutting air pollution and addressing climate change. As federal agencies consider actions to reduce transportation pollution, it is critical that all policies and investments shift to zero-emission transportation as rapidly and broadly as possible. 

We call on the Biden administration to establish clear policies and investments in zero-emission technologies so that: 

  • All new passenger vehicle sales in the United States are zero-emission by 2035; 
  • All new sales of medium- and heavy-duty trucks are zero-emission no later than 2040; 
  • Our national electricity generation shifts to non-combustion sources by 2035.

Transitioning to zero-emission technologies could avoid 110,000 deaths, over 2.7 million asthma attacks and over 13 million lost work days by 2050. This translates to over $1.2 trillion in public health benefits across the United States and over $1.7 trillion in global climate benefits. The sooner these actions begin, the sooner people across the United States – and especially those communities most impacted today by tailpipes, refineries and power plants – will benefit.  

The time to act on zero-emissions is now.  

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Page last updated: March 21, 2022

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