The home environment can play a major role in the health of a family member living with asthma. Many potential asthma triggers can be found in the home, but with the proper measures can be easily controlled, creating healthier living conditions for the entire family. Adopting and implementing housing policy to support a healthy home environment is the first step toward protecting all people living with lung disease.

The following policy recommendations were selected based on an assessment of policies that make the greatest impact on asthma management in homes.

Housing Code Ordinances

Housing code ordinances—the minimum standards for safety and sanitation set by the local, state or federal government—should protect people with asthma from indoor air problems. Click here for more information.

Housing Code Enforcement

Housing code enforcement should be strengthened to reduce prevalence of indoor air quality problems. Click here for more information.

Multi-Unit Housing

Multi-unit housing should be smokefree. Click here for more information.

New and Remodeled Housing

New and remodeled housing should be built to promote healthy indoor air quality. Click here for more information.

Page last updated: April 8, 2020

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