Step 2 of 2: Tell us your story

Tell us about your experience with low-dose CT scanning, and how this screening has impacted your life. You can write your story for us, or you can share a video.

Here are some sample questions to help you get started:

  • What made you decide to get screened?

  • Was the scanning experience intimidating?

  • Tell us how the scan helped save your life.

  • (If applicable) At what stage was your cancer found? What does it feel like to be a survivor?

  • Why should people get a screening?

Video instructions

  • You can film the video yourself, or have someone shoot it for you. Using your phone is easiest; however, using a camera will produce even better results.

  • If using a phone, please rest it horizontally on a steady, hard surface.

  • If using a camera, we recommend using a tripod to avoid shaky footage.

  • Filming in a well-lit and quiet location is ideal, so that we can see and hear your story.

  • Upload your video to YouTube and paste the URL in the space above.

  • Videos that include full names, doctors, or treatments, that exceed 5 minutes, or that contain content deemed not in line with the mission and values of the American Lung Association will not be included.

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