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Samir Soneji, PhD

Research Awards Nationwide Recipient (2015-2016)

Trustees of Dartmouth College
Does the Effectiveness of CT Screening Translate into Real-World Benefits?
Lung Cancer Discovery Award
Funded by the American Lung Association of the Northeast

For the first time, a tool used in screening for lung cancer has been shown to reduce lung cancer deaths. The National Lung Screening Trial (NLST) concluded that computed tomography (CT) screening, compared to chest X-ray, reduced lung cancer mortality by 20 percent. Yet the effectiveness of CT screening demonstrated in NLST may not translate to similar reductions in lung cancer deaths as screening is implemented in everyday practice. Barriers, including lack of knowledge and high rates of treatment-related complications may reduce the benefit of CT screening. We will assess the challenges facing patients and healthcare providers to fully realize the benefits observed in NLST. The study will improve clinical practice and narrow racial disparities in lung cancer mortality.

Update: We have identified high rates of major complications and post-surgical mortality in everyday practice for lung cancer patients. This could represent a significant barrier to effective lung cancer screening in the U.S. population. In Year 2 of the award, we will assess contemporary rates of screening in the U.S. population. We will also quantify the potential long-term benefit of lung cancer screening given prevailing rates of complications.

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