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  1. Milli W.
  2. Megan M.
    Description: On December 3, 2018, my life forever changed. My mom, a nurse, that has spent her whole life helping others, was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-small cell carcinoma (cancer). This was a major blow to my family especially because my mom showed no signs of this terrible disease. We were lucky enough to have my mother’s coworkers supporting us and provide immediate medical attention to get her treatment started right away. I moved her in with me so I could help her during this time and be there for her. We went wig shopping, bought foods that she could stomach, and got all of the nausea meds ready to go.
  3. Monique R.
    Description: Due to SECONDHAND SMOKE & POOR AIR QUALITY, Asthma, Pneumonia's, Valley Fever have been apart of my life since eight years old.
  4. Donna C.
    Description: I have had 2 robotic lung caner surgeries. I never had an oncologist. Both were stage 1A.
  5. Ashlee H.
    Description: My name is Ashlee Harmon, I am a 17-year-old from Troy, Ohio and my life has been affected by lung diseases.
  6. Emily D.
    Description: In February 2018 I was diagnosed at age 32 with Stage IV lung cancer due to a genomic mutation, while 33 weeks pregnant with our second child. I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks, one day at the top of the world and then disbelief and overwhelming grief. Here I was a seemingly healthy individual, who valued fitness, clean living and healthy eating, diagnosed with the most deadly cancer.
  7. Peter C.
    Description: I was diagnosed and treated for stage 2 lung cancer last year and went through chemo therapy shortly after my surgery. Without the support of my two sons and family recovery would have been a lot more difficult. I was shocked at first with the diagnosis because I never smoked but I soon learned smoking is not one of the requirements.
  8. Amanda S.
    Description: My father was first diagnosed with COPD January 2003, there were small spots on his lungs. As this terrible disease progressed, it slowly took away from him so many things.
  9. Patricia M.
    Description: I was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer July 3, 2018. Determined to fight I started chemotherapy. CAT/PET scans and a brain MRI showed no cancer anywhere else. My left lung was collapsed and I had a large mass in my chest.
  10. Laura D.
    Description: My doctor asked if I wanted to do the low-dose screening and I said yes. The scan wasn’t intimidating at all, in fact I never thought there would be anything wrong at all. Because they caught the cancer in its early stages, and when it was so small that I only lost half of my lung, but it saved my life.
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