Popular Christmas Parades in Redding and Red Bluff Go Smokefree for Community Health

Move to curb harmful secondhand smoke at popular events is a gift to families throughout the region.

North Valley residents looking for family-friendly community events this holiday season can enjoy additional smokefree options this year. The Redding Lighted Christmas Parade (December 4th) and the Downtown Red Bluff Christmas Parade (November 27th) are now smokefree. The events, organized by the Active 20-30 Club of Redding and the Red Bluff Chamber of Commerce respectively, are planning to return in person this year. To protect the lung health of everyone in the community, the parades will no longer allow smoking, including the use of e-cigarettes, anywhere onsite during these popular events.

The Downtown Red Bluff Christmas Parade is the third Red Bluff Chamber of Commerce event this year to have gone smokefree in partnership with the American Lung Association. The Chamber designated its popular Wednesday and Saturday Farmers’ Markets as smokefree events this past summer. The decision to hold smokefree events exemplifies the commitment of both the Red Bluff Chamber of Commerce and the Active 20-30 Club of Redding to creating fun and healthy environments for their communities.

“After more than a year spent apart, it is important to provide healthy spaces to come together this Holiday season,” said Samantha Seaman, Health Promotions Coordinator for the American Lung Association in Chico. “Secondhand smoke creates a barrier between the medically vulnerable members of our community and the beloved community events that bring us together. By eliminating secondhand smoke from community events, we help ensure everyone can safely enjoy these festive gatherings.”

These events mark a trend in increasing smokefree events throughout our region. The American Lung Association has supported six events to date going smokefree in the North Valley. Smokefree events reduce exposure to secondhand smoke which can trigger health problems, especially in children, older adults and individuals suffering from poor lung health due to lung disease, the effects of COVID-19 and exposure to wildfire smoke.1 

The Lung Association is proud to provide sponsorships and smokefree signage to support event organizers who provide opportunities for smokefree events in North Valley communities. If you are interested in making your community event smokefree or are interested in advocating for smokefree spaces as a community member please contact our team at [email protected]



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