American Lung Association Applauds Governor Steve Sisolak for Commitment to Zero-Emission Trucks

Today, Governor Sisolak signed the Multi-State MOU on Medium and Heavy-Duty Vehicles (MHDV) to collaborate on a multi-state action plan to support a sustainable zero-emissions MHDV market and widespread electrification of MHDVs. This Executive Order will address harmful emissions from the transportation sector and unlock major air and climate benefits. 

In response to day’s action, Melissa Ramos, Manager of Clean Air Advocacy for the American Lung Association in Nevada shared the following statement:

“Today, Governor Sisolak said that now is the time for Nevada to be a leader in transportation electrification and we couldn’t agree more. The transportation sector is the leading contributor to unhealthy emissions which is why we need bold actions to move us to zero-emission technologies, this is especially true for the medium- and heavy-duty sectors that generate such heavy doses of pollution. Our ‘Zeroing in on Healthy Air’ report found Nevada can achieve $7.5 billion in public health benefits between now and 2050 by moving our transportation and electricity sectors to zero-emissions.

“Zeroing in on Healthy Air” illustrates the potential health and climate benefits if all new passenger vehicles sold are zero-emission by 2035 and all new trucks and buses sold are zero-emission by 2040. The report projects that the nation’s electric grid will be powered by clean, non-combustion electricity replacing dirty fossil fuels by 2035.
“Just last week, health organizations and health professionals submitted a letter to Governor Sisolak and his administration urging him to adopt the Advanced Clean Trucks (ACT) rules to clean up the MHD sector contributing to toxic air pollution and GHG emissions. 

“Diesel exhaust threatens lung health of all Nevadans, especially for hundreds of thousands of children and adults with underlying lung health issues including asthma, COPD, and lung cancer,” said Ramos. “Nevada has taken the important step of adopting zero-emission standards for passenger vehicles and we are grateful Governor Sisolak is taking the next step to clean up the next generation of trucks so all Nevadans can breathe healthier air.”

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