Statement From American Lung Association President and CEO Harold Wimmer in Response to the Enactment of the No Surprises Act

“The American Lung Association is grateful and relieved that protections for patients from surprise medical bills have finally been enacted. After months of tireless advocacy on the part of so many dedicated individuals, Congress has succeeded in passing legislation aimed at putting an end to surprise medical bills. The Lung Association is incredibly appreciative of all who played a role in helping secure these critical protections. 

“Surprise medical billing has harmed millions of individuals across the nation. Far too many individuals have faced financial devastation at the hands of this damaging practice, and many more have avoided needed care due to the fear of being subjected to surprise bills they cannot afford. By establishing protections against surprise billing, the No Surprises Act takes a critical step toward freeing individuals from these fears and undue burdens. 

“That said, the frequency at which individuals have continued to receive bills for COVID-19 testing despite law prohibiting as much offers a reminder that even the best-intentioned legislation can run afoul in practice. Consequently, the Lung Association looks forward to the opportunity to continue working with the administration to ensure the implementation of this legislation to its fullest intent, thereby guaranteeing that all patients are truly held harmless.

“The American Lung Association particularly wishes to convey our sincere gratitude to Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) and Representative Greg Walden (OR) and wish them the best in their retirement.”

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