American Lung Association Applauds Adoption of Zero Emission Trucking Rule   

Rule is a model for state actions to protect lung health 

Today, New Jersey joins the growing list of states taking bold action on zero-emission transportation to protect the public from harmful trucking pollution. The Advanced Clean Trucks rule ensures New Jersey will see increasing levels of zero-emission trucks in the coming decades as it seeks to reduce harmful air and climate pollution. The rule was initially developed by California in 2020 and has since been adopted by Oregon and Washington with more states moving through approvals.  
Following New Jersey’s approval of the Advanced Clean Trucks rule to ensure a transition to zero-emission technologies in the trucking sector, American Lung Association National Assistant Vice President, State Public Policy, Michael Seilback, issued the following statement:  
The rapid shift to zero-emission transportation is vital to improving lung health and saving lives.  Eliminating pollution from trucks is a major win for community health, climate health and worker health. Everyone deserves to breathe clean and healthy air, but we know that serious disparities exist in pollution burdens. Too many low-income communities and communities of color are exposed to unhealthy air quality from the diesel truck traffic of nearby highways, ports, warehouse distribution centers and other diesel hot spots. The adoption of the Advanced Clean Trucks rule means that New Jerseyans—especially those most burdened by pollution today — will breathe less deadly exhaust due to the increasing rollout of truly clean, non-combusting engines. We are hopeful that the state of New York will also approve a similar rule in the coming days.

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