Lung Association Urges Indiana State Reps to Reject Proposal to Reduce E-Cigarette Tax

A proposed provision in Indiana SB382 – Various Tax Matters would lower the current state tax on e-cigarette products such as JUUL, NJOY or Puff Bar by 10 percent (from 25% to 15%). Ahead of the bill’s anticipated vote and amendment on February 17, the American Lung Association in Indiana’s Advocacy Director, Tiffany Nichols, issued the following statement:

“We know that price is the single biggest factor that prevents kids from starting to use tobacco products. Reducing the state’s excise tax on e-cigarettes by 40% will lead to even more Hoosiers addicted to these products. Additionally, this provision would remove parity with the tax on cigarettes and make e-cigarettes an even more appealing option for cigarette smoking youth to switch rather than quitting their tobacco use altogether. The Lung Association strongly urges state representatives to oppose the e-cigarette tax reduction provision in SB382.”

According to the Lung Association’s 2022 “State of Tobacco Control Report,” Indiana received failing grades in multiple categories including tobacco taxes. 

*Interviews with Indiana school district representatives available upon request.

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