Lung Association Applauds Passage of Legislation Allowing Schools to Carry Stock Asthma Medication

Yesterday, the Iowa General Assembly unanimously passed HF 771, which will allow all schools in Iowa to provide short-acting bronchodilators (rescue inhalers) along with disposable spacers that students can use if they experience an asthma attack or are in respiratory distress, regardless of whether they have been diagnosed with asthma. Under this law, school staff will be required to be properly trained in the appropriate use and administration of the stock asthma medication. The American Lung Association in Iowa’s Advocacy Director, Kristina Hamilton, issued the following statement:

“This law will help Iowa school children who have asthma or who are in respiratory distress have access to lifesaving medication that can quickly open their airways. We applaud the Iowa General Assembly for passing this bill, which will allow students to be better equipped to treat their asthma while they are in school and reduce their emergency department visits, a common occurrence in Iowa among young children with asthma. This legislation is a significant step towards helping Iowa school children living with asthma or respiratory distress breathe a lot easier. We urge Governor Reynolds to quickly sign this legislation into law.”

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