American Lung Association Applauds California Rule to Protect Portside Communities from Pollution

Commercial Harbor Craft rule will save hundreds of lives in California.

Today, the California Air Resources Board adopted a final rule to control harmful pollution from passenger fishing boats, ferries, tugboats, and other commercial harbor craft. This rule had the strong support of leading health and medical organizations throughout California and represents a major step forward in reducing carcinogenic diesel particle pollution in communities downwind of ports and harbors. 
Following the adoption, the American Lung Association issued the following statement:

“California’s stronger rules for ferries, charter fishing boats, and tugboats will provide critical health benefits to over-burdened portside communities,” said Mariela Ruacho, Clean Air Advocacy Manager with the American Lung Association. “Emissions from diesel vessels are a leading source of cancer risk for these communities and transitioning to cleaner engines and zero-emission technologies will generate billions in health benefits, save hundreds of lives, and reduce a wide range of lung and heart illnesses. This is an important policy to improve lung health and reduce disparities in pollution burdens in highly-impacted communities.”

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